Tuesday, November 13, 2012

First Time for Everything Right?

This is my first blog ever. Never thought I would start a first blog ever. But here goes.....

A few friends suggested  I start a blog to discuss me. My style, fashion finds etc. My initial thought was no one wants to hear from me about those things as some can relate to my choice of apparel and some can't. I like what I like and wasn't sure if others (outside my circle of approval and support) liked what I like too. 

I kind of shyed away from the idea because I don't care for the spotlight. I'm more like the woman behind stage that plays a part in getting Beyonce ready not the Beyonce. Make sense? lol However, since I am working on starting a small online boutique, I thought "Why not?!" I could use my blog to post anything style related as well as include posts later on that center around EnKore. <<<That's the name I came up with :)

For the last two years, I have enjoyed thrifting and mixing my findings with something currently trendy in my closet. I needed one word to sum up my current style (yes as you grow and change, your style changes...well hopefully). I thought of encore which means the demand by an audience for a repeat experience or repeat performance. Of course when I researched businesses in my county with the name, all kind of other markets popped up. So, I changed the "C" to a "K"...perfect. Decided to keep it and kept it moving. With fashion, everything repeats itself. Right now, peplum is hot but peplum was hot before, as with most trends. The name is perfect to me because I adore recycled fashion as well as the modern fashion that will also one day be recycled. Never ending cycle.

I can't wait for those who read the blogs, follow my instagram @EnKore1 or facebook page EnKore Boutique to journey with me as I shop, shop and shop some more. It's what I love to do so I shall do what I love and share it with you. 

My first blog wouldn't be complete without an OOTD ( outfit of the day) now would it?! Well really an outfit of the night.

This was homecoming week and I was headed to an event..... 

floral peplum jacket: thrifted
salmon skinny pants: forever 21
cowgirl boots: Shoe Carnival also available at DSW and Bakers

It's not really cold in Houston yet, so I thought I'd play with some color a bit and still incorporate a closed toe shoe. Fun and casual :)

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